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At LIGHTS-THERE, every project we embark on starts with a promise of long-term value and sustainability.  Our mission is to change the world with the most innovative and superior energy-efficient solutions available.


LIGHTS-THERE is your Portland LED lighting company.  We are more than a fully integrated LED lighting service company, we care about the environment.  From the beginning, we had one vision in mind; to offer unsurpassed expertise in energy-efficient lighting design and aesthetics.   We provide these solutions to businesses looking to make a positive difference in our world today. By reducing energy costs of up to 70%, we are providing our customers greater profitability, which increases their bottom line.   With our promise to provide long-term value, our customers will enjoy their lighting  for decades to come.  We at LIGHTS-THERE know that conservation matters. 


Each one of us at LIGHTS-THERE believe in changing the world through our creative lighting products.  We feel we can help, one company at a time, reduce their impact on the environment.  Our goal is to reduce energy consumption and light the world.  


In all that we do at LIGHTS-THERE, our values are at the core.  Everything we do is infused with these values and drive us forward.  It is how we accomplish our mission, and how we evaluate all of our decisions. 


Every product we sell carries with it the utmost reputation for longevity.  Through the innovation of re-lighting and retrofitting with LED lighting solutions, LIGHTS-THERE delivers reliable, state-of-the-art LED technology in all our designs.  Our experts have carefully specified all of our products to guarantee quality.  


We look to be creative in every project with which we are involved.  From our outstanding products to our innovative designs, we never settle for less than the best, and the term "good enough" does not exist in our vocabulary.   

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