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Best In American Living: Award Winning Lighting Designs

Lights There of Portland, Oregon specializes in outfitting local businesses with LED retrofits and relighting. Since the introduction of LED lighting in 1967 there has been tremendous advances in the science of LED lighting. With these advancements, LED lighting design becomes increasingly important to integrate into the architectural design of a structure. These challenges require designers to think outside the box. We have a member of the Lights There team who does just that!

Griff Williams is the Lighting Designer for Lights There, an LED lighting company based out of Portland, Oregon. Along with his efforts in designing LED lighting solutions for businesses, he has also won an award from the National Association of Home Builders Design Committee, for his work in residential lighting designs. He won the Best in American Living Award for his participation in the design of the Magnolia Pavilion in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According the NAHB the website, The Best of American Living Award (BALA) spotlight the most innovative builders, remodelers, designers, developers, land planner, and interior designers in the nation. BALA winners redefine design excellence for the residential building industry, and each year are honored for their achievements and hard work. We are proud to say that Griff is on our team at Lights There. His talent and expertise are unmatched in his field.

The Magnolia Pavilion began as a design for a pavilion surrounding the pool of a high-end residence in a North Carolina gated community. The overall design was done by architect Tony F. Miller of Miller Architecture, who reached out to other designers, such as Griff Williams for specific elements of the design. According to, the wood-frame pool pavilion has a guest entry, an area for cooking, dining, and an area to lounge around the pool. There is a built-in pizza oven and seating to accommodate 8 to 16 people. the center section of the structure features a kitchen bar, and a fireplace. The lounge rotunda provides a covered seating area located adjacent to the fireplace. The residents of this North Carolina community appreciate the hard work and efforts by all involved in their new pool pavilion.

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