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Positive Cash Flow LED: Raising Your Bottom Line, No Up-Front Costs

Positive Cash Flow LED is a way to find LED lighting solutions with ZERO capital investment. Here at Light-There we can install energy efficient LED lighting, entering into a monthly service agreement between Lights-There capital investors and your establishment. Often the financial constraints of an upgrade can be eliminated by selecting this service, and entering into just such an agreement.

Lights-There will connect you with Byline Financial Group, who pay all upfront costs involved in auditing, engineering and installing new energy-efficient lighting.

The experts at Lights-There are lighting engineers who can perform a complete audit of your establishment, design lighting elements that work with the existing structures, or complete an entire re-lighting project, as necessary. We will gather all the details of how your business operates, and provide an analysis for better lighting solutions. We will retrofit, or re-light any or all departments of your business, providing brighter or dimmer lighting, install occupancy sensors, or even add color temperatures to produce optimum lighting conditions.

Once an audit is complete we will submit a proposal for a customized, energy-efficient LED lighting solution.

This report will include:

  • Operating and maintenance costs for your current lighting system

  • Recommend product upgrades

  • Detailed savings outline

  • Qualifications for possible rebate incentives

  • Shared Savings program information

  • Product leasing options

  • Pricing Quotes

Once you are satisfied with our proposal and make the decision to move forward, we carefully review all aspects of the project, and adjustments are made when necessary. If there are any discrepancies, refinement of the project will be presented.

The final project proposal will provide:

  • Guaranteed savings amount

  • Monthly service fee

  • Option to purchase equipment at the end of the contract

When you give us the green light for your customized project, we will install demo equipment in each area to make certain that you are 100% satisfied with the lighting results. After we have ensured your satisfaction, your order will be places with the factory.

We will keep you fully informed of all delivery, installation, and project completion dates. We will coordinate with the schedule of your establishment to minimize and/or eliminate disruptions.

Byline Financial Group will pay for all of these costs upfront, and once the new lighting system is completely installed and operating, you will then make your first monthly payment. Byline Financial Group will maintain ownership and maintenance for the entire lighting system for the life of the service agreement, and will provide 100% replacement for failed LEDs and drivers at no cost.

Trouble Free Lighting

During the contract period, Building Energy will own the lighting system and will provide a supply of replacement parts, that you will store so that you maintain free access to any of these parts if replacement is needed.

The expected life of LEDs are up to 10 times the life-expectancy of your current lighting system, in addition to cash savings on utility costs, replacement bulbs and ballasts, you will be guaranteed to save a minimum of 80% of your lighting maintenance labor hours.

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