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LEDs: Solving Your Needs

LED lighting is the future of illumination. The impact on the environment is monumental, by being the most efficient source of lighting on the market.

When it comes to considering an investment in a lighting upgrade, it is important to make a decision based on what makes sense for your facility. Your facility is unique, and a unique solution is required for increasing efficiency, lowering maintenance costs, and creating a better work environment. Here at Lights-There, we do exactly that, along with helping you optimize your rebate incentive, offered by the utility company for an energy efficiency upgrade.

Now, while each facility it unique, there are 5 basic needs that must be considered when it comes to lighting upgrades.

1. Increased Efficiency. Lighting is responsible for a significant portion of your energy costs. LED lighting can help with this remarkably by lowering your kilowatt energy used per hour. Not only is this good for your bottom line, but it is great for the environment. LED lighting gives your facility the ability to lower its carbon footprint. Finding renewable sources of energy is important, but just as important, is finding a way to conserve the energy sources that we now utilize. LEDs do exactly that!

2. Lower Relamping/Maintenance Costs. Maintaining lighting is another logistical issue for any facilities. Your facility is probably no different. We all remember the old joke, “how many [employees] does it take to screw in a light bulb?” Fact of the matter is, this is no laughing matter if you are running a business. The loss in production to do such a menial task can be significant. Not to mention the employer’s liability for the safety of those who work for them. With LED fixtures, the lifetime is upwards of 100,000 hours, without any need for additional maintenance.

3. A Better Work Environment. LED lighting offers a variety of color temperatures, lens configuration, and brightness levels. This means that your facility will get exactly the light it needs, when and where it is needed the most. With timing controls and occupancy sensors you are in complete control of your facility’s lighting. Studies have proven that not only does better lighting brighten the environment, but it can also brighten the moods of your employees, boosting morale and productivity.

4. More Storage Space. If your facility is a manufacturing plant or a warehouse chances are lighting is something you have looked into before. Most of these facility will have outdated HID lighting systems that are neither energy nor space saving. With a switch to LED lighting, you will no longer require to keep a large inventory of replacement bulbs, that take up valuable storage space.

5. Rebate Incentives. Many public utility companies, and government entities offer rebate incentives for switching to energy-efficient lighting. These programs are very detailed, and the incentives vary greatly. Here at Lights-There, we make sure that you receive the most rebate incentive you qualify for, by filling out all of your paperwork, and submitting required documentation to the utility or government agency.

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