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Illuminating A Church

This picture shows the original lighting in a church auditorium recently retrofitted by Lights-There. The original system used 52 round luminaires containing 4 compact fluorescent lamps. They used a total of approximately 6,500 watts, and were mounted at a height of 25 feet. This system was a maintenance nightmare for the customer. At any given point, 25% of the lamps would be non-operational and most of the time that number was much greater. These luminaires also took up to 10 minutes to fully "warm up" and reach their full light output. The end result was an area that was not desirable to be hanging out in.



After analyzing the customer's needs, we at Lights-There chose to use 8 foot strip lights instead of the existing style of round luminaires. By doing so, we were able to reduce the number of luminaires from 52 to 32 for a total of 176 fewer components being used to illuminate this area. That is 176 fewer parts to fail and need service. Each of the replacements are rated at 90 watts for a total consumption of 2,880 watts, and have a 10 year warranty. The end result is not only a nicely lit, inviting space, but also an energy efficient lighting system that is saving them over $350.00 per month and will have ZERO maintenance for many years to come.


By choosing Lights-There as their lighting resource, the customer not only ended up with all of the benefits of this new lighting system, but also reduced the cost of the project by more than $15,000.00 versus the competitive bids that they had previously received.

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