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Spotlight on Griff Williams

This week I am very happy to report that our lighting designer Griff Williams has achieved the NXT Level designation. The NXT Level is a comprehensive lighting training for lighting designers and contractors. To ensure that professionals stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, trends and techniques in the lighting field, continuing education is required. This means that when you see the NXT Level designation, you can be assured that you are working with highly informed and qualified individuals.

Not only does this training provide valuable equipment and specification information, it also covers topics such as in-depth energy analysis and how to discuss with clients issues such as cost-effectiveness and possible savings over the life of equipment.

Having the NXT Level designation means that Griff can help clients not only pick out which lights will work best in each space, he will also be the go-to person for any questions involving tricky light placement and energy savings.

Griff has over 30 years of lighting industry experience. He attended the Sustainable Lighting Design course at the University of Oregon and is an award winning designer We are extremely proud of Griff's accomplishments (including winning all those golf tournaments).

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