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Lights There wishes you all a very Happy New Year!

2016 has been an exciting year in the LED lighting arena. Huge strides have been made in increasing the efficacy of LED lights as well as bringing us closer to the introduction of li-fi and other smart lighting applications.

Lights There has also had a dynamic year. Listed below are some of our highlights from 2016:

  • We have added roughly 30 new clients that we have done, or are doing, LED lighting installation for.

  • We are very pleased to announce that we recently signed with Burger King to install LED lights at 23 locations in Oregon and Washington.

  • We are on the brink of unveiling our custom software that will aid in streamlining our processes to serve our clients more efficiently.

2017 promises to be even more exciting at Lights There. For example, we have plans to open up additional locations in the coming months. One thing that hasn’t changed at Lights There is our team’s dedication to our clients and staying informed on all aspects of LED lighting and the Energy Trust. The Lights There team recently attended the Energy Trust seminar. This is a great example of how we put staying informed at the top of our priority list in order to provide excellent customer service. To learn more about the LED lighting industry, the Energy Trust and all of the exciting changes happening at Lights There follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Lights There team at the Energy Trust seminar (1/19/17).

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