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Project Spotlight: Creekside Apartments

Our latest project to near completion is Creekside Apartments in Clackamas, Oregon. Before making the switch to LEDs, Creekside had a lighting energy usage of 45,959 KwH. After completing the job, the projected lighting energy usage will drop to 13,906 KwH, which means a 70% lighting energy savings. Upgrading to LEDs on this site is equivalent to removing 2 cars from the road, or 15 tons of CO2 from the environment. In addition, because Lights There is a Trade Ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon, we were able to secure an incentive for them of several thousand dollars.

We are very pleased to not only be saving our customer money, but improving the appearance of their property. These bollards are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also LED, which contributed to the overall savings.

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