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German Football Club Adopts Signify’s LiFi System for Immediate Sport News Update

Written By: YiningChen

Signify announced that its LiFi system, Trulifi, was installed in the press center at Volkspark stadium in Hamburg, Germany. The installation provides journalists with reliable, secure and fast Internet connections through the room’s ceiling lights and alleviates overloaded wifi connection when the stadium is packed during games.

The Volkspark stadium can host 57,000 people and will be one of 10 stadiums for the European football tournament in Germany in 2024. Like other international matches venue, the wireless signal in its busy press center was prone to overload due to journalists accessing the network and interference from mobile devices of fans, staff and officials, all pinging the wireless router. The LiFi system is set to solve the issue.

(Image: Signify)

Signify installed LED luminaires that integrated Trulifi 6002 transceiver in the stadium’s press center. The system can modulate infrared light waves to provide an Internet connection of up to 150 megabits per second (Mbps). Journalists using the system receive a USB Access Key, which plugs into their laptop. This picks up the LiFi signal and transmits data back to the luminaire. The LiFi system is free from interference and encrypted. Also, an extra layer of security is built-in as light waves cannot pass through walls.

“We opted for LiFi given the increasing demand for bandwidth from journalists using our press center. For them a reliable wireless connection is everything. Now they have good quality light to write their stories along with a reliable, fast and highly secure wireless connection,” said Daniel Nolte, segment leader area organization & infrastructure at HSV.

Signify marked LiFi as one of its key developments and acquired French LiFi company to extend the business. The company has begun LiFi trial projects across the world including its partnership with telecoms company Orange in its Paris Office. In June 2019, Signify officially launched Trulifi as the brand for its LiFi business.


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