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Convenience store franchises dot every part of the American landscape now, but how many times have you paid attention to their lighting? As the owner of a convenience store chain yourself, it pays to see what the competition is doing. Looking at the type of lighting they use tells you a lot about how seriously they think about their energy bills and the look of their stores.

You'll learn even more if you realize a competing convenience store still uses outdated lighting systems. If you're also noticing they don't replace their lights right away, it's probably for a good reason.

Take a look at why LED lighting in C-stores is essential today.

Can Lighting Affect Your Convenience Store Sales?

A lot of science and analysis has gone into looking at lighting schemes and how they play a factor in sales for stores. Analysis shows when switching to LED lighting, sales typically go up. Even though it doesn't take into account other factors possibly affecting sales, it's true that lighting affects moods.

Scientific analysis abounds in showing how LED helps improve moods and general cognition. When pushing specific products in your convenience store, this is something to take seriously.  When scoping out the lighting in competing convenience stores, you'll be able to tell if they're using LED lighting since it's more directional.

The Benefits of Color-Rendering Properties

Once you install LED lights, you'll quickly discover the various features they provide in improving aesthetics. For one, they offer color-rendering properties, something grocery stores appreciate using to make their food products look more appealing.

This technology works just as well for your convenience store since it enables branding colors to stand out on the products you sell. Since all C-store products rely on appearance and the colors they use, you want the lighting to reflect this.  Even though you don't likely sell produce like grocery stores, color appeal in packaging matters just as much.

The Energy Savings

You may already know that LED lighting saves considerably on your energy bill. However, do you really know what the savings percentage is?

The reality is, you can save between 50%-80% on your bill immediately. Since your convenience store budget likely varies based on your franchise profits, no doubt savings on this level is an eye-opener.  Considering the competition you have to deal with, making bigger profits like this could help you spend your money more efficiently on other things.

Yet, you probably worry about how you're going to transition to LED lighting. With perhaps multiple stores across the country, what kind of service can you find to get installation done without excessive downtime? 

Finding the Right Time for Installation

Your convenience store likely operates 24/7, making it more difficult for a new lighting installation. Nevertheless, you may want LED lighting to help make your store re-stockers work more safely during the a.m. hours.

Finding an appropriate time to get the installation done is going to require working with a quality LED team specializing in multi-site installs.

At MultiSite LED, we've become a leader in providing LED lighting for multiple franchises. Our various projects for restaurant franchises alone are well worth reading about in the proof of energy savings success.

Through our LightShare program, we offer a no-money-down audit of your convenience stores to see what lighting you're using and how LED lighting can help you. Installation takes place during a time most convenient to you so it doesn't conflict with business operations.  Once you start to add up the savings you'll achieve per store, the numbers are going to bring continual surprises.

Contact us to learn more about our installation process and types of LED lighting you can use. OR you can request an assessment of your location to see how you would benefit from an LED light conversion project.


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