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Modern Housing Complex

Residential Facilities

LED lighting provides bright and uniform illumination, improving safety and security within the apartment complex. Well-lit hallways, stairwells, parking areas, and outdoor spaces help deter crime, prevent accidents, and provide a sense of security for residents. LED lights come in various colors, brightness levels, and designs, allowing property managers to customize the lighting in different areas of the apartment complex. This flexibility enables the creation of different atmospheres and lighting scenes for different areas.​ It creates a more comfortable and pleasant living environment for residents, improving their overall satisfaction.​

By the Numbers

Case Study

  • The energy savings from upgrading to LED lighting on this project is the equivalent of taking 6 cars off the road, or

  • Removing 42 tons of CO2 from the environment

  • Annual KWH Savings of 87,743

  • Lighting Energy Savings of 71%

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