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LED Lighting & Design

Lights There a fast growing provider of commercial grade LED lighting products and services. Our corporate office is located in Portland, OR. Lights There has retrofitted and managed installations for many types of businesses and municipal properties - including manufacturing companies, warehouses, retail stores, senior and assisted living facilities, medical clinics, hotels, schools, and more.

Our Services

Our Services

Free Assessment

Free no obligation assessment of your facilities current lighting system

Full Service

All paperwork, filing, scheduling, and installation managed by Lights There.

Financial Options

Multiple options offered to fit your individual needs and meet your bottom line. 

Current Projects



Energy Savings

General Equipment Warehouse


Energy Savings

Avamere At Hillsboro


Energy Savings


Our passion is changing the world through creative lighting solutions and helping organizations provide better lighting for their staff and customers. While at the same time, reducing operating costs and lowering our client's environmental footprint. Every product we sell is fully vetted for performance, quality, and longevity.

Tube Lights

Robust Bottom Line

LEDs reduce lighting energy costs by 50%-70%

Office Building

Superior Work Environment

LED Lighting enhance alertness, vision, productivity, quality control and circadian rhythm.

Car Park

Secure Workplace

LEDs provide enhanced interior and exterior lighting quality, uniformity, and safety.

Spot Lights

Healthier Planet

LED's long life reduces light bulb waste disposal and LED's do not contain toxic mercury.

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Get started today for a brighter future.

Working With the Best Partners

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